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“For years, we owned a small ‘mom and pop’ snow removal/landscaping company. We grew and grew, but never changed our business model or ideas of what our business was. We did what we always had done. The only way we knew we were making money was because we weren’t bankrupt. In late 2015, we were lucky enough to have Katie and her team help us chart our new path.


Katie helped us look at our core values. She helped us identify what made us who we were as a company, and who we wanted to be. 

She helped us look at our accounting in a new light, and helped us better utilise our accounting software (QuickBooks) to show us where we were succeeding and where we were failing. 


Through her guidance, we decided to take the leap and incorporate. With our new vision for the company, we decided to rename and rebrand our company. We were inspired to join our leading professional association. That led to implementing industry technologies that had not yet reached our valley. It changed our business forever.


Before we worked with Katie, we were rowing our boat as hard as we could. Katie showed us how to use the rudder." - B.C.

“When I engaged Turning Point Solutions for outside advice and consultation to some management issues we were having, I was pleasantly surprised to the aptitude and dedication Katie brought to the table.


She was very professional in her approach to listening to our business concerns, her inquiries were pertinent, and she was able to interpret and provide valuable objective suggestions and direction that would never have been possible by ‘going alone’. Her vast business background provides integrity and honest feedback, which is exactly what we were looking for.” - J.K.

“I was very fortunate to have benefited from Katie Wells' assistance and advice over my 18 years of being a small business owner and I would highly recommend her services to anyone in need of solid help and advice that Katie is able to offer.


Katie was very particularly helpful when I was selling my business; always a good strategic sounding board when prospective buyers had some questions or needed additional information…. Anyone benefiting from Katie Wells' insights and experience in the Business World will be well served." - C.E.

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