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Turning Point Advisory works with leaders from businesses and registered charities wanting sound financial and operational strategies to help them achieve their goals.


Re-inventing the wheel every day? 

We help you create financial and governance systems so repeatable tasks require less micromanagement. 


Daily operational fires keeping you from fulfilling your mission? 

We assess your organizational capacity and implement systems to streamline and better utilize your precious time and financial resources.


Feeling burnt out and under-appreciated? 

Let’s work together to build up your organizational capacity and your own personal development.


Struggling for money to pay your salary or to afford staff? 

We will look at your business strategies and personal goals to create sustainable revenue so you can deep dive for growth. 

Overwhelmed with financial complexity?

Let us help you simplify and systemize without losing valuable knowledge. 


For the last 18 years, I have had the pleasure of working with and supporting the growth and dream building of select entrepreneurs and registered charity CEOs who can benefit from the support of a non-equity partner to help them reach their goals faster than going alone. 

We offer: 

•    Advisory Services

•    Systems Development 

•    Interim Management/Virtual CFO or CEO

•    Project Management & Implementation


Check out our testimonials page and see what our clients have to say.


If you want to move your business or charity forward faster and more sustainably, please get in touch and let’s connect!

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