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We help business owners and charity leaders like you stay on track to achieve your goals and work with you to overcome obstacles that are keeping you from those goals. 


We work closely with a small number of clients at a time, so that we can engage at the level of a true partner striving to support you being successful; a non-equity partner but a partner just the same! 

After graduating from Engineering at UBC, Katie worked in pulp and paper and then management with Procter & Gamble. Moving back to B.C., she co-founded Basecamp Enterprises (Rigging for Rescue) and Basecamp Innovations Ltd (Rescue Equipment design).  When Rigging for Rescue was sold to a US team in 2002, she started her own consulting practice. 

Over the past 18+ years, Katie has found her multidisciplinary skillset of management, engineering, entrepreneurship, a former NP CEO, finance, human resources and systems processes, in combination with her deep caring for each person/team she works with and her “Options Queen” ability to think of creative solutions has been able to help helped many entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality, business owners grow their companies and charity CEO's move their organizations forward. She is a problem solver who strongly believes in creating systems to reduce errors and improve communication and transparency.




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